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There aren't too many of my friends who know that I have a girlfriend. Of those only two asked me for details of the meeting. S was one and the other was a friend from a message board. Those are completely unsurprising, but it made me smile nonetheless. On the downside, both my current best friend and my brother (and his wife) want nothing to do with the situation. They pretend like T doesn't exist. That's really aggravating because I've been super supportive of them over the years. And that's included some stuff I would have been outraged over 20 years ago. Now I find it a little self destructive, but if that's the path they choose, so be it.

K didn't want to know details, though, I've noticed when T and I have scheduled some time, she's much more likely to ask if we had a good time. K also inquires on how T is doing, especially when she's had something important going on in a relationship or work. That makes me feel good.

Yesterday was the first time T and I have gotten to have an extended conversation since our live meeting. We talked in the afternoon and she asked if she could spend some time with me in the evening too. I planned on going to bed early, but I hardly ever turn down time with T, so I was happy to see her. I especially wanted to make sure moving our relationship real world (especially the sex part) hadn't affected our relationship. I was kind of surprised we hadn't talked about it at all. She called me a girl. That made me laugh. I have a lot of "girl" tendencies in relationships. I want to talk. I ask "what are you thinking?" I don't like sitting in silence that much. I'm romantic. My wife and I are reversed in that way too. I get mad when the house is dirty. I need the affection and attention. I cry at movies. etc. But anyway, T just said she doesn't feel the need to talk about good experiences, but she was willing if I wanted. I didn't need to talk about it; I just wanted to make sure it didn't add complication.

Something else humorous. While on the trip there was a couple doing brewery tours at the same time I was and we got to talking. They mentioned they went to [random California city]. My first thought was, "Hey! My girlfriend's boyfriend has a house there!" I didn't say it at the time, but I did text T and K about it.
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