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Default She wasn't saying there is only one person

She was specifically explaining the instant connection, which from her experience these twin souls she wrote of, there are more one.

But yes the soul isn't male or female, that is just the body they inhabit (if the organism is one that has male and female sexes)

But Gnostic's do believe the physical soul and the spiritual spirit, but some do believe the soul exists as a tangible thing. Ganglions and neural network that connects nearly each and every cell that keeps the connection open to communicate.

But your right, some people need the comfort of knowing God exists and some require the comfort that God does not exist, and when either side attempts to enforce beliefs that are in regard to something that can be considered sacred, it's clear the do not understand the meaning of beliefs that a person holds sacred.

It is the same notion with love and while existence is known from the experience of a physical body, sex is also of what is sacred should a person desire it to be. As Humans those are freedoms for the individual to choose what they do and do not accept as their beliefs, but respect is to understand what the meaning of sacredness
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