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Originally Posted by Quath View Post
When you talk about keeping your religious beliefs, do you mean specifically LDS or more generically Christian?

I was in a poly relationship with an ex-Mormon. She was involved in non-monogamy while she was married to a Mormon man. However, he started lieing and having sex outside their agreement. This along with some other issues, and they separated. The other Mormons she was having sex with told everyone she tried to have an affair with them. (This hypocracy is what broke the camel's back and she left the church as well.)

I am not saying this to diss Mormons. I think a lot of what happened was considered extremely taboo. So people may have a lot of hidden guilt if their religion is telling them that their lifestyle is un-Godly.

I am talking specifically about LDS people.

The issues in your second and third paragraph are part of a strange phenomena in the church. They tell us that everyone is intitled to a personal loving relationship with Heavenly Father and Jesus and that every person on earth is able to recieve their own personal revelation. That being said we're suppose to do this within the dictates of the church and follow the current Prophets wisdom guidance and advice.

So you get people who feel God says its ok for them to have sex with more than one person, but then faced with the possibility of losing their reputation in the church or in being excommunicated because of the dictates of the religion they then take the cowards course out blaming it on "that evil woman/man".

I have felt no guilt in loving two men. God directed me to both, and I love them both. But if God asked me to chose one, i would chose L. M knows this, but he also has felt no guilt in being with me because I love two men. the end I go with what I feel is right, in my own belief system, rather than always the dictates of the church, although I try to live as closely to them as possible simply because a lot of them are good common sense!
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