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Default Ex wife has moved back in

I can relate in a way! I've been with my primary male partner for 10 years but we do not live together. We actually have 4 houses between us (2 each) which does keep us busy and makes it harder to spend a lot of time together. He and his ex wife have a 16 year old son. The son was 6 when I met my partner. After struggling with joint custody for about 5 years, somehow it worked out for her to move back into the house. So- when I spend the weekend there, she is there too! If she was interested in sex, they would probably have sex, but she doesn't seem to be interested. It works out for them. She has a place to live without having to worry about rent or a house note. The son has both parents in the household (except when his dad is at the other house) and my partner (the dad) has someone to do his clothes and take care of the house - which is good for me too- that way I don't have to worry about all of that....In have my own properties to worry about. This would not be acceptable for a lot of monogamous people (even though they are not sexual) it would still be threatening for a lot of people. My thoughts are- forget what the "norm" is and figure out what will be a win for all involved. Do it, as long as it's working!
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