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Default Another Update...

After telling M that if he made me choose it would always be L first and foremost, he left then came back. He is really struggling with all this.

On one hand he wont bend too far from his religion, on the other he says he has never met anyone like me before and is completely head over heels. Maybe we shoul wait for NRE to wear off a bit and he's able to get his head around me being Poly. I always will be poly no matter what religious beliefs I have. I always will love L, these are givens in my life. What I chose to do with those statements are entirerly up to me though.

But having cut the strings with M made him realise he wanted me more, and really wants to work around this some how. But I said I didnt push him away he pulled away because who and what I am.

Now to clarify a bit about the religion I state in my last post...
We believe in eternal marriages in heaven. On one hand we have the current prophet telling us that gay and lesbian relationships are not good and God doesnt approve of them. So that is in church doctrine. On the other, we have the fact the mormons did indeed in the past pratice polygamy. There is also not concrete evidence that the women were with each other or not as the women usually swore and oath of secrecy about the relationships, to not talk to people about it (although they all were concensual in their own agreements of all being with one man) because of the persecution at the time and being driven from state to state and eventually out of the US as it was then.

On that same tangent I then find out very recently that in "certain special circumstances" women can be sealed to more than one man and then "God will sort it out later". But it needs direct approval from the prophet and is incredibly rare.

This leads me to wonder a lot on this subject...because technically the church still practices polygamy in the "after world" sense but not in this life. They still let men marry more than one woman if for example the woman is dead, and i have heard stories of women who know they are to die soon for whatever reason telling the husband it is ok, you can love someone else and i approve. But if you publically ask the churchs stand on it, they will say they do not practice polygamy.

On that train of thought, I do think one day, when the women are truely treated equally (which is coming around in terms of abuse and not sweeping issues under the carpet) then we may see that the LDS faith is actually poly would be an interesting thought nonetheless.
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