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This will be a short post. We are making the school runs in about 10 minutes.

Duckie #1 loves her new school. She talked my ear off yesterday about her new teacher, classmates, and what they did yesterday. She was beaming with happiness, and I am quite elated that the first day went so well. DH and I both were there for parent-child time before the school day started. It just gives parents/children 30 minutes of bonding time that they may or may not have had before they left the house. We left her school around 9 and headed to our son's new nursery. I called his teachers throughout the day to check on him, and there were no problems. They had us approve his customised menus for the next couple of weeks, since he has food allergies. Even with the little ones, they have morning tea and afternoon tea, which I think is precious. DH and I went for a walk through the area. It gave us a chance to reconnect before he headed off to work. Things are going pretty well between us. We have seemingly hashed the issues we had. Definitely nice to have some peace in my life.

Si did reach out to me to see if I had gotten her e-mail. I just let her know that I had received it. In not so many words, I told her that I had been busy, but that I would respond at a later point and time.

I hope everyone is having a great morning/afternoon/evening. Off to make school runs.
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