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the bible and polygamy
there's a history lesson

roman emperor Diocletian made the first anti-polygamy laws in the world (as far as i know) this is the same person that declared war on Christians wanting them all killed off.
his rule happened around the same time the bible was codified into a final collection of the various books and scriptures, all others were omitted and records of the books included were changed to omit reference to any books not included

Diocletian ruled from 284-305, there was no 'roman catholic' this means everyone who wrote anything that was included in the bible all accepted a culture that sponsored polygamy, (more specifically polygyny).

so the bible had many mentions of important prophets and others who had several wives, and mention of reasons why a man was to take a second wife (his married brother died) this was not a question of an option, but a responsibility of the man.

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You COULD point out that "biblicly", poly was accepted.
thanks for the reminder Marcus

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