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n I wanted to get into this because maybe its something I can look back on down the road . Markem has a hard line of women only and yes I do think its hypocritical though I'm not interested in pursuing another man should this not go two ways? He says it would enrage him to know another man would be causing me pleasure in the way he wants exclusive to him. I am ok with it so I don't know why it bothers me at the same time. But how is it fair in the sence that he's allowed to be with another woman when I won't be around shouldnt that same courtesy extend to me? For me it doesn't really bother me much because I feel that this is a way for us to extend our love within our relationship and seperatly with another person. But we havent even bridged that part yet so there is always that possibility I guess that I'm not going to be ok with it when it comes to a face.
Some of the issues I'm currently dealing with and facing and growing from through all this already is I'm a short fuse and when I confront something I don't like I have a flight response and don't want to come back to the situation. I'm usually a yeller when I get angry or frustrated but its something I'm working on within myself and we are working on together. This week alone we have had two very constructive arguments were usually things would explode and I'd want to shove them under a rug and jump on them till there flat and I can't see them even though I can feel them. I think its a good start I know I have a long road from here in changing my habits and how I deal with situations that may not be ideal for me but I feel like even these two conversations are great accomplishments for me
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