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So far Amanda and I have not been alone in the house yet. She moved in Saturday and so the men folk were here Saturday and Sunday. Then they both had Monday off for doctors appointments. So today is our first day, just the moms and the kids.

SS9 and I went to wake up his mom this morning with my 3yo. We jumped on the bed and talked for a few minutes. I guess she sent Neverwhere (my husband) a text saying we woke her up and that she loves her family. So that's nice to hear.

I thought it would be weird, our first morning, because she's usually up early and is OCD about cooking and cleaning. I'm more like "go get some cereal, kids". So I was worried about being "shown up". It's funny.... I think any jealousy I have stems from kid-related issues and not "sharing my husband related issues". As a stepmom, it's sometimes hard to know where you belong. I've been raising these kids 60% of the time for five years now. Hard to share that with their mom living here, but we are figuring it out.

Thinking it might be a good beach day for all of us. We live near a lake. Hoping today goes as well as the other three have.
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