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I knew I had a medical condition long before meeting my current partner (who is likely to be my second spouse), but I was asymptomatic for most of my life. About a year ago, I started having symptoms that severely limited my ability to live a normal life and had to have brain surgery. It sucked, not only for all the reasons you'd imagine (5 days in the hospital with no shower... EW), but also because my partner didn't quite know how to handle it. Outwardly he was a pillar of strength and understanding, but the whole time he was freaking out and just trying to ignore it. He didn't know what to do about the financial stress and was worried sick about me, and it led him to do some really stupid things. We managed to work through it, but there are still times he's unsure about being with someone who's chronically ill. I can't say that I blame him really. Being sick is annoying and I can't always do fun things and seven months after surgery I'm still not able to work. Even though I still have money coming in (yay disability), he's sometimes envious of what he sees as a really easy, relaxing life.
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