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Default figuring it out

issues i have when i don't know what's bugging me, but something is bugging me and i just don't know what it is, i just can't put my finger on it.

i find i can get both feet in my mouth and clearly down to my knees

if i can figure out what's bugging me, it's like a road opened up and said "hey, come down this path", ... then i don't even have to say anything, it's just realizing i should have been doing something different all along.

i was looking to her for "somethings gotta change", ...
i should have been looking at myself and saying "i have to change what i'm doing"

what bugs me most ?
when i'm not doing things, ... cleaning, chores, helping out, sure i'm doing stuff, i'm helping out, but the things i'm doing aren't things i consider that are important to say "i need to be doing something more tangible"

i'm a thinker, i can live my whole day in my head, ... but eventually i have to apply it, to do it, to write it out, to see progress with my own hands. i have to be actively involved in, actively doing things that have to get done.

if my lady is doing all those things, well i'm not doing them, and that itch begins, and i don't know what it is. because everything is done, so i can't put my finger on it, all i know is i'm frustrated and i don't know what it is.

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