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Originally Posted by nycindie View Post
Really, I never understood what the big deal is over pulling out a hair and moving on. No, it's not pleasant, but it's just a part of what is happening. Centuries of people got hairs in their mouths during sex, why are people so delicate nowadays? LOL. I'd rather deal with a hair every now and then, than give up the fragrance of sex that pubic hair holds.
YES!!! I love pubic hair on guys.
I also started to have my own grow back a bit. Not to a full bush, but definitely not completely bare.

The shaving, it's such a HASSLE. And then the ingrown hairs, and keeping up, and the red spots, and itching etc. I have a very sensitive skin and never managed to get it smooth without red spots and ingrown hairs.

So far, no complaints from anyone. I only wish my guys would do the same
early forties, straight.
the guys: Ren - husband; Curlz - bf of 2 years, Brig - bf of 7 months; Knight - non-sexual bf; MrBrown - it's complicated
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