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Welcome friend!
Congrats on baby and sobriety! EXCELLENT!
We've been busily working on home improvements.

Maca is working in Kodiak (6 weeks gone 2 home) probably til Christmas time.
I spent our anniversary there (for a week).

This coming weekend I take Sweet Pea (who is OMG starting HS) on a road trip for 4 days to do "Alaska studies".

Then the 27th the kids and I drive to Homer to catch the ferry to Kodiak for Alaska studies and see dad.
Sweet Pea flies home the 5th to see Red Hot Chili Pepper concert (lucky kid) and Sour Pea and I take the ferry home the 11th.

Back to school for me on August 26th. After this semester I think I will be officially done with all freshman and sophmore classes towards my bachelors of science in psychology. Very proud to be maintaining A's and 1 B over the last 6 semesters.

GG and I took Sour Pea to the lake this weekend so she could play. I got to go kayaking with my new kayak (4.4 miles for my first trip). It was awesome! Can't wait to go again!

Sitting right at 170, which is about 20 lbs heavier than prefer-but haven't struggled to maintain that since I worked so hard to lose it after having Sour Pea.

This week I managed 5 *real* push-ups each day in addition to the other arm workouts Sweet Pea and I have been doing. That's the first time in 10 years I've been able to do push-ups at all and I'm THRILLED. It's taken a few years to start regaining upper body strength, after years of pain and then my surgeries in 2010. But I am finally making gains that I really love seeing!

Yesterday I went with my brother to the range. We shot a .22, 2 different 9 mil, a .357 and a .44. I kicked ass. First time I've shot anything in 22 years. It was so much fun and I felt energized afterward!

In April we hit Hawaii as a family (Maca, GG, me, Sweet Pea and Sour Pea). It was a blast. I got to go snorkeling in several places, saw turtles with Maca. The guys and Sweet Pea went on a fishing charter. We all agreed-next trip we go para-sailing and zip-lining.

All in all-life is good.
"Love As Thou Wilt"
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