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Originally Posted by LovingRadiance View Post

Great job at recognizing the need to confront bad habits learned from unhealthy "training"! (serious-not sarcastic)
We ALL have those traits we use as defense mechanisms that are unhealthy and it's SO AWESOME when we can recognize them and then start retraining ourselves to be healthy, happy and whole adults!

So-CLAPPING and congrats! It's hard work-but so worth it!

Hey this is the hard part of poly. It gives NO ROOM to hide those things. Keep burying your head in the sand or denying and you won't get far. Hubby has had to do more than his fair share of inner work as the mono partner and the cheated on partner, I don't get off scot free! They suck, they are hard, but you do them anyway. The old habit of "Bad feelings just stop doing things that bring me bad feelings!" dont' work. Your bad feelings, your work.
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