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Originally Posted by midwestdork View Post
okay, so for fun, i occasionally read craigslist hookup adds, and i keep seeing couples looking for a single woman for a long term relationship....
has in the history of the internet that ever worked, at least in the long term part? i'm sure the relationship part least briefly, i just want to hear from somebody or at least hear from somebody who know's somebody where that actually played out well. I'm pretty sure it hasn't, mostly cause they always sound so terribly skeezy. i'm sure regular dating sites are different, but i kinda figure that craigslist casual encounter posts are for the most part like writing on a bathroom stall.
Might be slightly cynical about this, but when I spent a lot of time here, I tended to believe that there were lots of successful poly groupings out there that just didn't have time to put their lives online.

I still believe that, having been that for 2 years. Sometimes life is just to busy to bother. So yes, I think craiglist has produced relationships. Long term is both relative and non-poly specific. How many online ads in general have produced long term relationships? What the percentage of long term success in any relationship?
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