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Life has been busy, so much to tell and so little time.

I travel a bit for work, my career took a slight change which hasn't really given me the time I used to have to post online (which I did at work for the record)
I live in a quad, which ironically we just don't think of ourselves as poly. It justs a family. period.
Wife is pregnant with my first child.
Bought my first car (what can I say, I have been biking/walkiing for 38 years, cars were never of interest)
For those that remember me, I have been sober 2.5 years.
I have lost 30 pounds
I just got back from poly camp, and wish I had more time to camp but I am also too damn tired to do it. haha

I am sure there is more. Anyways, I am partially back, will be online posting when I get those chances (likely when I travel) but its interesting to be back to a place I haven't posted on in a couple of years.
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