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maybe im just a cynic or maybe im just hearing what i want to hear and thats why i stay or maybe its the truth and i someone cant make a decision based on this i have tried to cut ties and each time im giving a dont give up on us most recently i had started an argument and felt i should leave because everything i have endured has accumulated in me and i need to be alone, they wont understand that i feel like me staying is just not healthy for the fact that i have bottled up too much from this, now they both want me they both love me and both want to make it work with me, and sometimes im like yea this is finally it we all turned the page and then i think back to everything i went through and go on this resentment rampage...... i know i look like a fool but this is the only place i can let out my thoughts, because me leaving and focusing on myself and becoming who i once was to them isnt the solution the solution is trying to change and letting go of all past wrongs and just enjoying the fact that they both want me and want this.
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