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Originally Posted by Marcus View Post
No one is telling you what to do. You don't like the input you are getting? Don't take it, it's your life - go out and live it. You came here posting up details about your life for discussion so it is being discussed.

The old silent treatment eh? I'm sure that will bring about real and lasting solutions in an adult relationship. I say keep doing that; good things are bound to come of it.
Are you always a jerk? I thought this was supposed to be a community for understanding and advice, not snide comments and belittling. Considering your solution was to break up with my husband, I'm not sure how mine is any less adult. Right now I know that if I were to talk to her, I would not be able to control my emotions and would be very mean - so yes, I do think it is more adult to avoid that until I'm less angry.

I read your responses to other threads as well and frankly I'm beginning to wonder why anyone comes here for advice. All I see you do is tear people down for not going about poly the exact way that you do. And don't worry, I won't be taking any of your advice.
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