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You are starting to sound more yourself.
I am glad. I was worried about you.
Enough so to write to the guys and ask them to please please keep a close eye on you!
I love when you write about your excursions with LB. you are right, only a few years left. Sweet Pea has started branchin out, preferring friend time over family time just this summer.
Today he declined going kayaking with me to go to the park with friends. It was a tiny moment of minor discomfort to him saying so. It was a bit more painful for me. I went grocery shopping instead (lame replacement).

Maybe some will judge you harshly. I myself am proud of your efforts. You have grown so much in understanding yourself since we first met! It is inspiring!
I don't know what changes are being created in your life, but I look forrward to each new chapter!
"Love As Thou Wilt"
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