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Just back from poly camp. I tried to write at one point but lost the message. It said something along the lines of having a great time.

PN and Mono weren't too keen on going but LB was so I encouraged them to rise to the occasion of doing something as a family. They agreed and had a good time in the end. Its important to do things as a family while LB is still young as soon enough he won't want to go anywhere with us. I am hoping I can keep the two men at it for a few more years yet but I think I might have to change it up from poly camp or something in order to do so. Next up is another camp in August. This time the one in the States we go to.

Its early days yet but things in life are settling. I decided to throw caution to the wind and just trust. I thought it might be helpful to express the love I feel for Mono with hugs and kisses and words that express my love also. Sometimes I am scared, but I push through. Why not give it my all and see what happens. He really does have all of me. That is some force it turns out. That is a lot of attention on one man. Who knows what will come of that.

It was great to spend time with Derby and Brad's family. I had missed their kids and spouses and so had LB. I can't speak for Mono and PN but I think they did too. Mono is a good friend with Brad and it made me happy that they connected a bit. I was glad to not think and just be this weekend. Likely I will process the weekend, as is natural for me, but for now I am happily tired and my heart is filled with sunshine.
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