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Default Cancnat persecution

ya, i'm bad for forgetting i have a shift key if i don't need it.
as i read that i'll side with "or i just don't try"... :/

the soul is ... for our lives, doesn't mean anything, we're still here to do the best we can with what we're given. and at that point it makes no difference, ... it's whatever you need to give yourself and your life all the importance you can have

some insist if there is no god it's all pointless, and so believe in god
some insist on giving themselves something they value in their own lives to say it's worth it, ... could be career, could be children & family, could be teaching or science or whatever else, ... don't need any of that spiritual stuff to do that like a pro with passion in your heart.

so in the end it makes no difference, just whatever works for you
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