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Default Finding Poly-Friendly Professionals

Hey all-
I know I'm not the only one who has encountered this, and I know that we have discussed it before in small areas of a variety of threads;
But-do you all have suggestions for how/where to find/search for poly-friendly professionals (like therapists, lawyers etc).

I live in Alaska. I've looked online and found NOONE listed for Alaska.
At the same time, I keep reading suggestions for people on here to find "poly-friendly therapists" and it IS TRUE that doing so would be their best bet...
But if one can't find them-it doesn't do much good to suggest it.

I know that there are AT LEAST 9 people on here I personally know from Alaska and I've read messages from 3 other posters who were also in Alaska that I don't know...
GRANTED-that's only 12 people which is a small % of the psoters. However-it seems that all of us would benefit from a list of places we could search, or words to use in a search or?........

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