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Originally Posted by JaneQSmythe View Post
I do, on occasion, ask this question - in a tongue in cheek sort of way (usually in a phony voice/affectation). But I AM looking for some actual feedback - my boys responses:

"No, honey...your gigantic ass makes you look fat...the jeans have nothing to do with it." - followed by hysterical laughter at how clever they are, as I pretend to pout.

More useful answers:

"I think you look better in the one's with the design on their pockets."

"Those aren't terribly flattering - how about that purple shirt/black skirt thing you wore the other weekend."

"Your butt looks fantastic but I would try a longer shirt."

You can be honest without being mean.


PS. My boys have a better fashion sense than I do (since I have none) - they know what they like to see me in.

PPS. I am about 10-15 pounds overweight at this point - but I am not overly sensitive about it. They are really good about helping me remember that I WANT to lose weight (I have lost 15 pounds already) without being mean.
I expect honesty, but I do not expect DH to be an asshole about it. I just had a baby last year, and I am not a Victoria's Secret model. I did not have a contractual agreement in place to lose the weight in 90 days or less to maintain my Angel status. I did that 90 days BS with the first child. Never again. I ended up smaller than I was before I got pregnant.

It is all in what/how something is said. There is a huge difference between, "X is more flattering," or "This looks better on your figure" than oh say, "God, you have gained a lot of weight; skipping a few meals would not hurt you at all." As someone who admittedly has had problems with food in the past and, that is the wrong thing to say to me.

Honesty without being mean is a hard feat for some.
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