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Default Thank You for speaking up

because I normally would not post such a reply that makes so many assumptions without a disclaimer.

Because non of US is perfect, and you are correct, he could have done what he did without any premeditation, and no matter how convincing myself or anybody else may be it is you and your boyfriend that will always carry more weight because it is your life that is being discussed.

And instead of planting seeds of doubt in your mind about your boyfriend I should have left it at encouraging you to teach him how to be conscious of those situations. Because it can easily be avoided, without overthinking, without picking apart the speech or the situation, all while being completely free to be your authentic self without fear of not being able to make a mistake

So my words were definitely overly harsh, as it does not matter at all how far they may be from reality, because even if they had been close, it is you who is experiencing it, it's you and your boyfriend, not me

When you connect with a person who understand their life according to compatible beliefs and are willing to put the work in, it is always worth it to stay

because if the genuinely do understand and will by their own will do their part, you won't ever have to make a decision of whether to stay or leave the relationship

Do NOT LISTEN TO MY ADVICE as only your thoughts will be able to perfectly describe your life, and I mean that sincerely

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