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Originally Posted by FullofLove1052 View Post
... If I ask, do these jeans make me look fat, do I really want someone to tell me, "Yes, you have gained a stone or two and would do well to buy some more?"
I do, on occasion, ask this question - in a tongue in cheek sort of way (usually in a phony voice/affectation). But I AM looking for some actual feedback - my boys responses:

"No, honey...your gigantic ass makes you look fat...the jeans have nothing to do with it." - followed by hysterical laughter at how clever they are, as I pretend to pout.

More useful answers:

"I think you look better in the one's with the design on their pockets."

"Those aren't terribly flattering - how about that purple shirt/black skirt thing you wore the other weekend."

"Your butt looks fantastic but I would try a longer shirt."

You can be honest without being mean.


PS. My boys have a better fashion sense than I do (since I have none) - they know what they like to see me in.

PPS. I am about 10-15 pounds overweight at this point - but I am not overly sensitive about it. They are really good about helping me remember that I WANT to lose weight (I have lost 15 pounds already) without being mean.
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