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you can learn a lot in a year.

looking for aquarium information to do what the hobby has otherwise said is "impossible" yet that's exactly what i'm researching there and having remarkable success. a tank i can ignore for weeks or months at a time and still have a thriving tank, ... may not be what everyone says "looks pretty" or is absolutely aesthetically pleasing. but something that will last for a long time with little to no input.

for polygamy/polyamory, i'm learning, it started out years ago going from something i can say is out there while i played with the idea, to something i realized i was serious about, that it was part of who i am, ... to something i am trying to fit into my life.

it starts out small, and the more i got into it the more i realized there is to learn. and the more i realized i had made a some inaccurate assumptions about priorities and how to get it to unfold.

and after finding this site, reading even a little bit, i realized, "damn, i've been trying too hard".

so here i am, learning more, having more available than i realized was available. and learning a new, better, way to go about things to make it work.

never had 2 women in my life at one time, but the adventure to get to this point has been rewarding in itself. learning about myself, learning about what's important, ... and something i overlooked, ... and (rightly or not) the importance to show a prospective lady that i'm interested in providing for her in every way she would have thought a monogamous person should.

it's a progression that i am eager to travel down and see where it leads me, to see what kind of person i am and what i can do and (don't want to admit it) what i can't do.


otherwise, i'm at work, (call center) it's not that i spend all day unemployed at home that there may be lots of posts from me every day all hours of the day, ... it's because i'm infront of a computer all day, every day, and getting payed for it
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