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-twin souls
-souls being male or female
-being born a man or a woman ever incarnation
-that our soul is only aware in a physical form
-that our soul experiences time in the same way & parallel history to what we experience in the physical

these (and more) all make some very significant assumptions that no one has questioned and everyone assumes that because no one has conscious awareness of what it's like to experience existence outside of the physical that the physical must be the primary existence, and that everything is either male or female.

male or female has a basic assumption and an even more basic reality.
male and female are characteristics for breeding and reproduction that are only relevant if you have a physical body.

we assume time as relevant to us is how it must be relevant to the soul. Why? because that's how we perceive our existance as a physical being ?

sure the soul has a time-line, the soul has a perspective of history. there was a point the soul started it's awareness (different from existance) and from that beginning of awareness the soul has learned ... what the soul considers important isn't nessissarily what we consider important.

we consider a roof over our head, food in our belly, a warm night, the touch of someone close to us, ... those are important to us. if you have no body, ... what do any of those matter if you have no body to get cold, no body that gets hungry, no body to touch. what would any of that matter ?

in all my spiritual progress and learning, all my spiriual progress about the soul, ... i've found something, ... look at your emotions, your feelings, ... what comes easy to you, what you can do without thinking about it, what brings you happyness, what makes you feel most comfortable, loving, understood, helpful, ... the things that put a smile on your face and warm your heart because you know you did what is right not because someone was going to give you anything back.

you can't learn any of that from a book, or from talking to anyone about it, you figure it out on your own, because your finding what works and what doesn't work

if you took down all the speed limits on the road, how would you know how fast to go around a corner ?, you'd go by feel wouldn't you, what you felt was comfortable, what you felt. and everyone could tell you "faster" or "slower" or this is the right speed or that is the right speed. but in the end, what is comfortable for one person is slow for another and too fast for a 3rd, there is no right or wrong speed, it's what you find in yourself that says "yup, this works for me", you can't judge by what others say, you can't read it in a book, or learn it in a lecture, you have to step out, and do it, be there, feel it for yourself, and decide "is it too fast?" "is it too slow, could i go faster?"

what is the right way to love ?, write a book would it convey how to do it right ?, would it cover everything so someone else could read it and understand "yes, that's exactly it" and do it themselves exactly right the first time ???

there's your soul vs. the physical every day of your life.

we read books, we look at road signs, we see what others do, we pay our bills, fill our gas tanks, put in enough hours at work to keep our jobs, ...

i recently read an article about rejection.
about how you can think about something in your past the most painfull accident you've ever been in, could be one you almost died because of. and do you remember how much it actually hurt ?, can you remember the physical pain or just how you acted, what you did ? now think about when you put your heart on the line, and what happened when you felt betrayed or rejected, when something important to you was taken away, ... can you feel all the same feelings over again ? or is it like a physical injury and you can remember what you did but feel nothing.

this shows that the feelings are more important to us, to our memories to what matters than if we broke a leg or lost an arm during our lives.

much like "human nature", ... typical "human nature" expectatios are war, jealousy, greed and the such, ... i'll say what is really human nature amounts to how did it make us feel ?

if our actions and behaviors are in line with our nature then what we did is in agreement with our nature, and this would be easy, it would not be stressful

if our actions and behaviors are contradictory to our nature these would create stress in our lives.


what we are living now seems to be quite different from how things really work, but we have done a great job of creating some really intricate stories to say how we want things to be, and some even more detailed and complicated stories to fill in the gaps because things just didn't make sense with that first story, till you've got a bunch of "because, ... oh, and that's different because, ... and that's different because, ... " you know if the first story was wrong, maybe, just maybe Occam's razor has something to prove here, we've created a lot of elaborate stories that farther complicate instead of show us a simple answer to what's going on.

we've made every myth about spirituality to mirror our perceptions and myths about the physical reality, even when the stories about the two point out "wait, what you said there doesn't make sense", then you relate how it reflects our physical as if to explain the non-physical.

a soul-mate
a pair, the male-female ying/yang
there are 2.

a myth spawned over 1700 years ago by a roman emperor who worshiped roman gods. that said "1:1 is the only acceptable relationship, an end to polygamy was started that has since spread across the world

now we have all these side-myths about a soul has it's match, it's one other soul that fits it.

stories about how a soul needs to be male or female because we are.

we have stories about how god must be masculine, (and don't think that male & female are used for reproduction, and one without the other does not work) and when we run out of stories to explain the inconsistencies we say "you just don't get it"

we say love is unconditional "on one condition" how our parents would say you be good or i'm going to punish you, ... but i love you, totaly, ... on the condition that your good.

and we attribute that to god and the spiritual as well.

7billion people alive on earth, and we say "there is only one way to love" and no one has said "wait, that doesn't make sense"

yet studies (i don't have a list of any at the moment) point out that the more you love, the more love you have, the more love you give, ... the happier and more loving you are, ... which goes against every monogamist view there is. yet we see that a person who loves 3 people spends more of their time loving and in turn does not run out of love but has even more love to give.

and we say "soul-mate" "twin-soul" as if to say there is only one other.

even here, around people that know they can love 2 people (or more) with all their heart and provide all that love for everyone without taking away from their love of anyone.

in every physical thing we have, we don't have any way of perceiving what it's like to love one and we can't quantify it, ... and if we love 2 we have all the same love for the one, and we have as much for the second, and if we love 3 we still love the first with all our heart, we love the second with all our heart, and we love the 3rd with all our heart.

and we reach the improbable 300% love, and we do it, it's not physical

but we can't stop thinking about the non-physical in physical terms, ... and for some reason we don't take a step back and think, ... huh, non physical things can't be measured or thought about in physical terms, ... i've spent my whole life thinking about the non-physical in physical terms and you know it doesn't make sense. ... no one questions that, everyone still tries to fit everything in physical terms and everyone says "yes, of course that's the way it is, ... and if you don't get it, then you just don't understand" even when every experience you have says "perhaps you've got it wrong"
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