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Originally Posted by Marcus View Post

"My mind was wandering, sorry baby. You look wonderful, I can't tell which part of you I want to put in my mouth first!" ... I mean come on dude.
I was discussing this post last night with GG.
He tried (admirably but even he couldn't pull it off in hypotheticals) to defend the guy.
The bottom line came down to-yes we all have moments when our minds wander.
But just saying "wow honey-I'm sorry, I drifted off, that was rude" would have been HONEST without being RUDE.

It's almost like he was trying to destroy the chances of the evening going well.

In fact-I see his response "you don't want to know" as being on par with asking a question you may not want to hear the answer to-on purpose.
Game playing.

I never ask "do these jeans make me look fat".
I ask "does this look ok or?" and sometimes Maca or GG says "I'd rather see you in xyz outfit". Shrug.

But setting someone up for a failed conversation that will potentially lead to a downhill slide emotionally? Rude.

Don't ask questions you aren't ready to hear honest answers to.
Don't answer questions without compassion and care.

(Christ-Marcus and I aren't that rude to each other on here and we don't even know each other :P )
"Love As Thou Wilt"
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