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Also thought I'd have an update on things with me and Woodsmith. He's actually doing what I asked of him and I have also realized that there are somethings that I need to remember about him.

He doesn't know how to communicate with the love language of touch or quality time. He's a gift giver. So when I'm doing poorly and he buys me something rather than spending time with me or cuddling that's his way of trying to make me feel better.

I do sometimes get a little apprehensive when he starts doing/saying something sexually based but I know a lot of that is because I still don't know what has driven him in the past to break my boundaries due to my past and until we have some progress there I'm probably not going to have a full comfort level.

Other than that he's been back to being present with me in the ways he was before I got sick so really good things are coming back there.
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