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I feel like a bad girlfriend, pet, and slave today.

So I mentioned having my phone stolen on Sunday. This really sucks for me because I really enjoy texting Primal and Woodsmith throughout the day. Even if I don't get a response I want them to know they are on my mind and I love them.

Primal's boss was on vacation this week. Someone who was working at the store quit a few days before so things got really scuffled around. He's been working 12:30 to close shifts most days with a couple of open to closes.

In between that he's been broody and upset regarding his relationship with Lamian and her being really closed off to him (early today he admitted he has been depressed and anxious because of it) so pretty much anytime he isn't home he's been paying every ounce of his attention on her if she's home. A couple of weeks ago we had talked about the fact we both felt that our relationship wasn't getting enough time for the two of us and were going to spend more time together. This entire week we've had only 12 hours together, 6 of which we were asleep. Otherwise he's been fighting with Lamian, running off to do things with her because they have been fighting, or if she isn't at home heading out to just not be at home.

I hadn't realized I was hitting a emotional breaking point (this plus the not having the phone plus in a week he's going to a training for a week and I know he's going to want to spend most of his time before and after with his wife) until last night when I woke up in tears.

This morning I was able to articulate what was wrong but I still feel like I've betrayed him by listening to my emotions rather than trusting that he still loves me and wants me.

So now they are out and about again and won't be home till probably late. Woodsmith is out at his family farm with his dad probably until sometime tomorrow. And because Lamian doesn't like Primal really focusing attention on me if she's home (he isn't the best at splitting his attention, if he's sitting between us and being affectionate with one the other will get ignored) I know I won't have any time to reconnect with him until Wednesday. Plus he leaves either next Sunday or Monday for his work training so again it's going to be a time where I'll only have about 12 hours with him and at least half of those will be asleep.

So now I'm a complete mess.
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