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Originally Posted by JaneQSmythe View Post
(hmmm...I thought I posted yesterday...but I guess I never hit "Submit")

Just to add to the data pool.

INTJ (pretty much exactly spot on and getting more so the older I get)
- apparently this isn't that common, especially for women (nature vs. nurture? I have my theories about cultural conditioning here)

Acts of Service/Quality Time

Anyone into the Enneagram? - I score out as Type Five - The Investigator, but this isn't nearly the match that I see with the MB type - 3 others were only slightly behind.

I'm also an Aries...who thinks astrology is bunk.


PS. For the Record: I think MrS is an INTP and Dude may be an ENTP
I am also a female INTJ. we make .5% of the population. Exceedingly rare. Although a dear friend of mine is also a female INTJ. Given the statistics, I guess I was lucky to run across her.

As for Enneagram, I came out as a Type Five on one version and a Nine On the other. Hmmm. I see myself in both. So....

My SO is a male INTJ, Type 5.

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