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He said I didn't want to know and when I asked why he said it was because "he was thinking about sticking his tongue down someone else's throat." I am out of line to be upset?
Rude 2 times over. Ugh. No wonder you are upset.

1) He could be accurate and own that he doesn't want to share. Which is what it is really -- HIS willingness to disclose rather than your willingness to hear/know. He doesn't live in your brain. He can't tell you what you do/do not want to know. You asked, right? So you DO want to know.

2) He could apologize and be present with you on your shared date. Could say "Sorry, my mind was drifting off. I'm not willing to keep it over there. Let's bring it back to where it belongs -- here with US, YOU. Tell me about..." and re-engage in conversation with you on your shared date.

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