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Originally Posted by bruisepristne View Post
He said I didn't want to know and when I asked why he said it was because "he was thinking about sticking his tongue down someone else's throat." I am out of line to be upset?
My mind wanders, I can't do anything about it. If there is something profound going on in my life (I'm worried about work, I have a new girlfriend, I have a game coming up) my thoughts will often drift in that direction. Even if someone did something nice for me and I really should be paying attention to what I'm doing... the mind just wanders.

Originally Posted by bruisepristne View Post
I got all dressed up, researched restaurants and menus so he could sit across the table and daydream about someone else?
Doing something nice for someone shouldn't come with expectation. I dated a girl who, when I wasn't doing something she wanted would bring up "but what about all of the nice things I've done for you". This is not a kind act, but a down payment for the expectation of future payout. If I do something nice for someone that's it, there isn't any return expected. If I'm trying to get something from someone and I need to do something nice to get it... is that really a kind gesture anymore? Or is it just my putting down a payment to get something I want?

Originally Posted by bruisepristne View Post
when you love someone aren't you supposed to be somewhat sensitive and supportive of them and whatever they are going through?
Unfortunately now that there has been a dramatic incident about "what are you thinking" I am skeptical that he will answer that question honestly again. Why would he? Personally I'd rather have someone be honest with me than to feel like they need to tip toe around my feelings or I'm going to freak out. What lesson do you think hubby took away from this experience?
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