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Originally Posted by Kraven View Post
But what happens when your partner (or in this case, potential partner) concludes that our "special bond" (you know that thing that just you and her do that no one else can do, that thing that makes her feel loved and like a special lady in your life and helps her control her jealousy during trying times) is that only you and her can have sex?
Sorry-wanted to be helpful, but you lost me right here.
How is being with someone who insists that only the two of you can have sex polyamory????
Just a bit lost here.

As for HER being satisfied only having sex with you, sure! As Mono pointed out-he is satisfied having only one lover, but he's not insisting that SHE only have him. HE is mono, SHE is poly.
You may be poly and your potential may be mono-but if she's insisting YOU have to be mono-she's not REALLY a potential if you are REALLY poly..

I LOVE Maca and I LOVE GG and I have sex with each.
Neither of them are having sex with anyone else and at least for now they both seem to be sexually satisfied....
but part of accepting me as poly is accepting that I need both of them.....

Do you understand my comparison?
"Love As Thou Wilt"
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