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Messages continue to pour in since I tweaked my profile. What I said was:

I spend a lot of time thinking about:

How annoying it is that 80% of men that message me do not reference my profile, just my pix. Guys, it's nice you think I have a nice smile or body, but do you realize how misogynistic and shallow you seem if that is all you can mention in your first message?

But most of the messages are just as lame as ever. Some of them say "You have a nice profile." Ugh. Say something ABOUT the profile, lazy men!

I got this yesterday, from a 24 year old:

I have a make or break question for you. There's a lot on the line here... What is the name of the sloth in the ice age movies?! Don't cheat!
Of course, I replied, I have no idea, it's not my kind of movie. Overnight he comes back with, "Are you free today"

But in better news, after over a dozen lame-ohs, 2 actual intelligent seeming, experienced poly men contacted me yesterday too. Both are far away, but travel often. I even chatted with one on the okc chat function last night. They both seem nice, definite potential. So much dross to weed through to get to the occasional gold nugget. Sheesh.
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