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Originally Posted by MonoVCPHG View Post
With all due respect GS,
Yet again I find the blanket generalizations based on personal opinions to be bluntly irritating but I understand the need to justify this internally. ................
Awww - Ok Mon
Nothing better than a good debate between friends - yes ?
Yes - Broad (different than 'blanket') generalizations are always parts of a discussion covering sensitive topics.

First - your mention of "MY" way is personalizing something that can't be personalized. It's not "MY" way - only "A" way - A-nother way. And it's not about tearing down anyone's 'house' (belief system).

A broad generalization is generally applied to a majority - or a number of sufficient quantity - to support the example.

I don't think you - or anyone - would argue the point that there has been "differences" is sexual likes & preference since the beginning. And especially since religion intervened and made any it's efforts to supress sexuality or any discussion of it openly we've been faced with the fact that there's been few responsible & ethical means of addressing the disconnects. SO we've always had prostitution, cheating, various other 'work-arounds", none of which really addressed the problem. Actually prostitution probably comes the closest !

So that's the "old" part ! Ancient.

And yes - poly (not that it's new either) has the potential to reform much of that. You now can put sexual desires right out on the table and discuss & deal with them intelligently all the while keeping the real foundations of a loving relationship separate. It's JUST SEX !

So if you got "triggered" - well I'm sorry for that - well - sort of
Let's look at that hair trigger ? Maybe it needs a shim

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