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Default HGC . . . I'll just leave this over here

Original manuscript. food for thought for anyone trying this diet.

personally I would never encourage anyone to do this diet, the science behind it in the original script is so lite its almost akin to voodoo . . . . and anything Kevin Trudeau gets behind has to be complete conspiracy theory fantasy and psudo-science bullshit, or maybe just his new miracle thing of the week. Not an author who's endorsement I find credible in any case . . . . . but thats me.

I'd assume if you consume only 500 cal. a day, you are going to drop weight simply because your body doesn't want to drop dead, smacks of metabolic shutdown and insulin problems down the road in my mind actually, but not having tried the diet, cant say for sure.

Anyone have any observations about after coming off the HGC diet when you return to normal eating habits? changes? body responses?
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