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Originally Posted by Ciel;
If you have a need to have multiple sexual partners in your life, and that is part of your bottom-line - it's non-negotiable, then her needing you to only have sex with her and that being her bottom-line means that the two of you are basically incompatible and should stop wasting time beating yourselves up over it.

Ciel may have picked up on something here that I didn't. After reading your following quote several times, I still am not sure exactly what you were saying here. But if Ciel interpreted it correctly - i.e. that your current prospect desires absolute sexual exclusivity, then I agree you two are in different worlds and it's not likely or fair to expect either to shift their views & expectations that far to meet the other. Time to call a spade a spade and move on.
If on the other hand (as I interpreted) she's saying she needs a certain amount of special bonding alone time - that's perfectly normal & understandable and you should be able to meet that without conflict.

So it depends on what you meant and what the reality is.

Originally Posted by Kraven View Post
But what happens when your partner (or in this case, potential partner) concludes that our "special bond" (you know that thing that just you and her do that no one else can do, that thing that makes her feel loved and like a special lady in your life and helps her control her jealousy during trying times) is that only you and her can have sex?
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