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I have been dating an attached man for a year. Everything was going great. Recently he has been distant, cold, when I say I love you or miss you I get no response. I do not see him as often as I used to. I have attempted conversation about it. The response I get is confusing. I am feeling very hurt and I am trying so hard not to blow up. I dont know what to do. We had a romantic rlationship, suddenly he is casual and I feel like a FWB. I am afraid to text him or call him bc I feel I am bothering him. Now I am wondering if he is dating others and not telling me about it, which is wrong bc this is poly. I dont know how to ask this question without sounding jealous or desperate.
He hardly returns my messages. I am feeling like dirt on the bottom of his shoe. I am beginning to believe secondarys do get the shaft
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