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Marcus-I am sorry if it came off that way.
In all sincerity-I took about 3 minutes to read your reply (never made it through the rest) and wrote a response-then ran back to a houseful of wild kids.
(good wild-not bad wild) in 83 degree weather (very unusual for us).
I wasn't really ranting-just trying very hard to type my thoughts really fast without it coming off as half a sentence.

I USUALLY take time to put in pertinent smiley faces and parentheses with reference to my attitude while writing-but I was being lazy today with the computer and focused more on chasing my 2 year old grandson (when on earth did all of the energy get shifted from me to him?!?!?)

Anyway-it wasn't meant to come off as a pissing fest at all. In fact I happen to enjoy dialoguing with others when you are too-because all in all, I agree with what you write-even though our situations are so different.
I can totally see myself in a world without children or spouse(s) and living my life more independently as you do. I think it would have been a very valid choice for me. And I like your ethics.
As galagirl says "hot ethics".

at any rate-I gotta run (again) and get kids tucked into bed.
(I would post on other threads if there were any going-but it seems pretty quiet this week)
"Love As Thou Wilt"
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