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Originally Posted by onoma View Post
a few weeks ago she claimed that she doesn't want to have sex, claiming she believes sex should only happen in the context of a relationship with a future.

Now, since then she still treats me basically like a boyfriend. Lots of "love yous," hugging, kissing at night and cuddling on the couch.

But something interesting came up over the weekend: Apparently she had dates lined up, and was starting to look for a new relationship. She was also planning to start having one-night stands in order to just get pregnant on her own.
. . . snipped for abbreviation, edited for emphasis . . . .

Spot the contradiction, and run for the hills.

Someone else had mention this is likely an "oops daddy" trap situation. I'll agree with that, and add that it has a high probability of getting dumped into your lap afterwards if said "oops daddy" isn't in the picture afterwards, you know . . . . . 'cause one nights stands . . . forget to get numbers, last names, ect . . . . . these things do happen, and if shes looking to do it intentionally . . . . . guess who's going to be stuck holding the diaper bag?
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