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Originally Posted by MonoVCPHG View Post
I'm one of those people who gets all thier needs met in one's not a false belief, just different then yours.

I think you may have to accept that you need to keep looking for a better match.
I hear you my friend I do but it's just hard to see! Easy to believe and dream yet so hard to realize! I've come close...real closer but things are always just off track in one way or another! It's a real bummer...sometimes I feel greedy but other times I feel like it's what I want and if others out there can have what they want then why can't I? Am I so different...I think not! All the other things I want are "normal" but when it comes to sex...I'm a nympho and an adventurer! If I have to have "lay on your back and do nothing", "in the bed and no where else" sexual experience I'm gonna SCREAM
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