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I find it most helpful to hold myself accountable to the concept I preach to my children daily.
You can't change ANYONE but yourself.

In the OP's example;
using this concept means-defining limits and boundaries around what behavior/people/activities you will participate in/listen to.
Outside of that-let it go.

Regarding the apology-same thing. You can't MAKE someone else apologize and honestly-why would you want to? I find it SO ANNOYING when parents do-because it's teaching the child that words can fix the damage of their actions which is bullshit.
If they are sorry-their behaviors will make that clear and no words will be necessary.
Words are nice accouterments-but in the long run-if they aren't identifying actions they are meaningless. It's like having a weapon-that you won't use but you wield it-Stupid. Words that you don't mean-stupid.
"Love As Thou Wilt"
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