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Yeah, it has been quite a roller coaster and yes, he has been wonderful. By my side through it all. But that is definitely when the insecurities began for me. He showed me that text from her in the same week, and it was the weekend after I had to have the D&C that the birthday party was. It was just emotionally way too much for me to handle at once, even though I really DID want to go.
I in turn, have tried to be sensitive to his needs and feelings throughout this as well. The week after, he was supposed to have our son for the week, but I kept him so he could have some time to himself after taking care of both of us the whole week before. I also knew his other GF (the one I am threatened by) wanted to see him, and I wanted to give him the opportunity to catch up with/reconnect with her.
Having never done this before, I think the other fear about meeting her is basic, how do I interact with this person? What do I say? She knows about what happened, I know they talked about it last week. From everything I hear, she is fine with me, with my relationship with him etc., for the most part anyway. She obviously has insecurities about me moving closer to him.
I am sure I could either meet or email her and she would be fine with it. I am just not sure what to say to her, and I am terrified she will be able to smell my vulnerability a mile away. Everyone else in this situation has someone else. She has her boyfriend and girlfriend(s), My BF has two other GF's....I just have him. That scares me too...but right now, I don't want anyone else...
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