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Originally Posted by BoringGuy View Post
Marcus, i think LR is talking about basic household and mundane responsibilities, not "i am not sure i still want the same things out of this relationship as you do anymore" artificial "obligations". ...So, no. It is NOT okay for you to take the money you would ordinarily use to pay the electric bill or car insurance and use it for a weekend getaway with your new squeeze, i don't care how many epiphanies you've had or how recently you've had them.
That's not what I took away from her statement, so I could certainly be focusing on a different area than she intended.

On the topic you picked up on: When it comes to depending on each other financially or other more contractual agreements, I don't have much of an opinion. It is my goal to avoid becoming dependent upon my loved ones for survival or basic function if I can. Currently I am employed enough and we (IV, CV, and I) have such a low cost of living that I could probably float this for a while even if both of them decided they wanted to have a gambling problem or snort all of their money off of the asses of strippers, or spend it for a weekend getaway with a new squeeze.

This won't happen, IV is not a flake like that. If it did I suppose she would understand that I'd be pissed and that our roommate arrangement would be dissolved. It's a tough hypothetical to imagine.
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