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Originally Posted by BoringGuy View Post
I'll kick whoever i want out of my house. There are like, laws and stuff that give me that right. "seniority" and "community" can eat my sweet shorts.
But that's the point. If you're trying to join an existing couple/triad/whatever, it's not your house. It's theirs.

In this case, it's the OP's house. So, yeah, she kind of does have the right to kick someone out. What I was trying to say was, once the other woman, in this case, starts becoming a real part of the group, it's much, much harder to make that person go away. No matter how "toxic" you feel they are.

As for Marcus, there's absolutely seniority in multi-person relationships. If I'm newer, I'd like to think they would treat me respectfully, but it's kind of my issue if I can't get along with someone more established (what am I going to do, tell my partner they have to divorce a spouse?). Member, partner, call it what you will. There's structures and rules....and it's difficult to remove someone from the group....hmmmm, come to think of it, it's totally like a union.

My, people get touchy on this forum.
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