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Originally Posted by Marcus View Post

People change over time and sometimes quite abruptly. Sometimes a persons focus changes to such a degree that their previous interests take a back seat or are removed from their list of concerns entirely. Relationships are not mechanically static nor are emotions determined by contracts.

I personally find little to no value to someone doing something for me simply because they made some kind of previous agreement with me. I want my partners to enjoy their time with me and if they are not enjoying it, I want them to go do what they would rather be doing. They are my romantic partners, not my indentured employees.
I was hoping you'd chime in, Marcus. ~grins~ How the hell do you manage that? Is it a woman thing, wanting to be the centre of attention all the damn time, hm? ~winks~

I was saying to my GF this morning that perhaps it's just time to accept that she gets lost in NRE and I get lost in turmoil. As long as we can try to communicate and help each other when things are bad, cheer each other on when things are good, things should be smoother.
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