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Originally Posted by Marcus View Post
No way to get around it, she's clearly not handling her puppy love for a new partner very well. It's tough to do and probably takes some people much more practice than others (if they ever get it) but it's a skill which is helpful in creating healthy poly relationships.

In a perfect world she would try to remain conscious of how much time she is (or is not) spending with you and would remind herself to reach out to you. Getting all wrapped up in puppy love is easy but it's not what I would call responsible.
The more I think about this the less I agree with it. That is, I can't see a way for my partner to "be responsible and take time away from their puppy love" as being anything but forced placation out of a sense of duty to me. I either want my partner to desire to spend time with me or to not spend time with me - there shouldn't be any other motivators involved in this decision.

Accepting or initiating a sleepover with me out of a sense of duty is exactly the opposite of what I want. SO! Please strike my previous comment from the record.
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