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Default This week's gems

This week, the following clunkers were found in my OKC inbox.

From a 59% match:
hi are u today..very nice pics..u are a very attractive for some friendly chat?
Hun? Ugh! Obviously, he didn't read my profile (I say to message me if at least a 75% match or more). And why do these schmucks think all a woman needs is a compliment to be interested? Blocked immediately.

Then this:
I would send you stars, but don't see that feature...Beautiful narrative, heartfelt...and complete! Geesh, I listed directors... But there are other things to speak of, and conversate on. Best to you in all this. And BTW: pretty damn original moniker! Cheers to you, richard
Stars? Well, while it was polite enough, he didn't get specific enough to make me think he actually read my profile. And then he wrote "conversate." Oy. We're supposedly a 92% match, but he's only answered about 150 questions in comparison to my 700+, so it isn't really going to be very accurate in that regard. Besides, he claims to be 56 but looks to be over 70. No thanks.

Ciao, how are you?
How has your night been?
Hope to talk sometime.
Poor Luigi is a 32% match. I blocked him after sending him, er... an illuminating message about why I'm not interested.

Slim pickin's going on over there lately.
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