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Whoops... this is in response to the "hobbies" post... By the time I posted without quoting, I noticed the others...

This is one of those things I had a ginormous problem with in the beginning of my relationship with my partner. I felt I was being patted on the head dismissively and told to "go find something to do, kid."

Except, in my case, I really WAS being codependent.

Out of a 17-year marriage, my first day alone in my new house, with no kids, nobody... I flipped. Didn't know what to do with myself. Didn't know WHO I was anymore, really. THAT was my eye-opener.

Yeah, activities to keep one's self distracted are just that - distractions. I did, however, have to remember that *I* am important (and important to my partner too!), and nurturing myself is never a bad thing.

But boy, when you're not ready to hear it, or when you ARE secure in yourself and you're being told that, grrrrrrrrrr...

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